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January 2009 Photo of the Month

Grand Circus Park
Click on image for larger view

This month's photo shows a fantastic early 30's night scene in Detroit, Michigan. This scene features Grand Circus Park in its heyday! Luckily the photographer dated the back of this photo - 10:30 pm, July 24, 1932.

From left to right we see the Madison Theatre (with "Talking Pictures"), the Eaton Tower (now known as the David Broderick Tower), The David Whitney Building (Note the original building marquee), and the Statler Hotel (all liit up!). Woodward Avenue is shown running from left to right.

Today, the Madison is but a shell of it's original design and the Statler is a parking lot. Also worth special notice is the house in the lower right corner - this is also long gone but it is interesting to see it existed on Woodward Avenue in the early 1930's.


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